Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday in San Francisco

Well they had me really confused there for a while... Ian called yesterday and left a message that they were in China Camp State Park and had been there since Monday. Since I spoke with him on Sunday while he was still in Sacramento I was wondering how he had made it 85 miles in one day! The mystery was solved today when he told me that he got a 40 mile head start in the form of a ride from Shawn and Cathy. Apparently they were heading to Napa anyway and they threw the bikes and trailer in the back of the truck and headed off. With that leg of the trip already done the boys easily made it to China Camp where it only costs $2 per night to camp! The exciting part was that they were pulled over just before they got to China Camp - it turned out they were travelling on a section of freeway that didn't allow bikes. The officer was very nice though and they did not get a ticket. They took Tuesday off (at Taran's request) and went looking for a swimming pool. Unfortunately they had no luck in finding one. But they did get to have Maccaroni & Cheese for dinner (Taran's highlight of the day).
Today they left China Camp and they just called us from the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. They still have to cross it and find the hostel but there is some hope that they will have internet access for the next two nights.

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