Thursday, March 27, 2008

Onward Ho

After a three day holiday at the Cistaro Mansion, we returned to the task of heading south.

Santa Monica to Huntington Beach

This part of the trip had us going through many of the beaches along the Los Angeles Coast:
Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Sunset Beach, and Huntington Beach to mention a few. It was amazing to see so many beaches and so much sand. There weren't that many people out but we did see surfers and kite surfers along the way. It was pretty much a blur as it was a long ride and we didn't have much time to stop along the way. In fact, when we did pass the first marker for the Huntington Beach city limits we were unprepared for how far we would have to go to find our warmshower host. They live on the South side of Huntington we mistakenly thought that it would not take that long. I think we were both tired and a little rusty after three days of not riding. We were both soo thankful to finally arrive at Brandy and George's place.

Brandy and George's place

What an incredible couple. Both Brandy and George are "ultra-cyclists". That means that they routinely ride 100 and 200 mile bike rides for practice and for races. George also rides these super long rides up to 500 miles long (without getting off the bike). Also, George is a veritable walking encylopedia on almost everything related to road race cycling. I was so amazed at their knowledge and dedication to the sport of cycling. Brandy prepared an amazing dinner for Taran and I. It had been a while since I had had fish, and low and behold this is what she served us. It was very good. Taran even had two pieces, which says a lot cause it's not his favorite. Because George has acquired sponsors to support his riding, Brandy kindly offered us a couple of water bottles, two containers full of powered food supplements and a whole bag of gel packs (quick energy food in liquidy format). Brandy and George also provided us with a wealth of information regarding the route we were heading on and some helpful tips on how to "get along" in the desert. They certainly made us feel at home. We wish them the best in all of their cycling adventures...particularly this weekend!!

Huntington Beach to Carlsbad - Steve and Melissa - warmshower

We again traversed many many beaches traveling from Huntington Beach to Carlsbad namely: Newport Beach, Laguna Beach Capistrano Beach and Oceanside. We also went through Camp Pendelton with is part of the Marine Corp Reservation. We had to show ID at the gate to an armed guard... we also heard gunnery practice in the distance. This part of the trip was a bit more hilly than yesterday's. However, we rode almost 65 miles in 6 hours which is pretty good for us. Steve and Melissa have a lovely home and we were made to feel very welcome. Unfortunately Taran and I ate our dinner before we met up with the Stuart Clan because they offered us part of their Pizza. (I stuffed one piece down cause I just couldn't resist!!) Taran found a book to read and he also got to watch TV - two of his favourite pastimes! Steve and Melissa have some really cool kids that we sort of hung out with. Akeela (5) was sooooo cute. I would have liked to have spent more time chatting with her.

I am amazed at the exteme hospitality and kindness people have shown us. It is really heartening to know that there are people out there that have warm hearts as well as warm showers!

Tomorrow - San Diego!


Anonymous said...

It was good to hear from you today Ian. I think it is amazing what you are doing. This is quite the adventure.

Anonymous said...

This adventure is pretty cool! Tina and I enjoy reading your travelogue! We heard rumors that you might bike across the country to Texas! We'll let you have as long a hot shower as you like. You can even sit in Jaccuzzi tub. We can take you on a bike tour of the alligator park!

Keep on truckin!
Your relates in TX