Monday, March 10, 2008

Monterey California

It sure is a pain needing to put suntan lotion on!!! Oh how we suffer the warmth down here.

We didn't stay an extra night in HMB. We struck out for New Brighton State Park about 56 miles away. We had hoped to stay closer to Santa Cruz, but we could not find a Hiker/Biker campsite close enough.

Interesting Notes:
1) We got the bikes up to 40.2 miles an hour the other day. What's interesting is that the trailer instructions suggest you do not exceed 24 kilometers/hr. The only issue with pulling the trailer is that the brakes wear out much quicker!! Also, it takes a long time to stop.

2) We breeched the 1000 km mark a couple of days ago. (1000 kms sounds better than 640 miles).

The New Bright SP had weird rules about "enroute camper" (us) needing to checkout at 9am. Also, we could not stay two nights in a row. I believe the rule is in place to prevent street people from using the park. We left early in the morning and went to Sunset State Beach which was only 20 miles away. We met a fellow "Doug" (originally from Ontario Canada) who was out riding his bicycle. He told us about an informal organization that allows travelers like us to stay in peoples homes for one night. I think it is called warmshowers.something or other. I will research it later. We got to Sunset are around noon and went to the beach for the afternoon and caught up on our journal writing. When we got back to our site there was a fellow sitting at our table. It turned out that we needed to share the site cause it was the officially designated Hiker/Biker site. The real HB sites had been damaged in a storm. Thomas was from amsterdam and was very friendly. We swapped stories and ended up teaching card games to one another. We learned a game called "Tupin" which Taran intends to write down the rules for and show everyone at home.

We're currently in Monterey at the local library. We just finished our laundary and will be heading to a nearby campsite.

I also got my first flat as we arrived at the campsite.

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