Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ian Got His Mojo Back in Lompoc

We decided to take a day off in Lompoc and just hang out. The campground we were staying at was very close to the town so it was easy to do laundary, visit the bicycle shop and hang out at the Library. I think the rest was all I need to get my mojo back.

When we returned to the campground at the end of our day off in Lompoc we were surprised to find that Colter (the fellow we shared the raccoon issue with and the fellow that sleeps in a hammock) had set up camp. As it turns out he was heading home to Santa Barbara. He invited us to come visit his house when we were passing through on our way south.

From Lompoc we went to El Capitan State Beach. From a scenic view perspective, the campsite we had could not have been better. We were situated on a high bluff overlooking the ocean. However, a major train artery was probably 60 meters away and the highways was maybe 100 meters away. This morning we were covered in Fog... The sun did not show up until around 11am. We had to pack some of our stuff wet.

We currently at Colter's house in Santa Barbara (actually it might be Goleta, but it's unclear). He's kindly preparing us lunch. He's a professional Saxaphone player. A very cool individual.

After lunch we'll be heading to Carpenteria State Beach which claims to have the warmest beaches in Southern California. Taran and I have agreed that we would go swimming in the ocean in Carpenteria!! Wish us luck.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ian,
Glad to hear you got your mojo back.
I have been following your trip with intrest, and am glad that you're making friends and contacts along the way, it's little things like that, that can make or break a trip during the not so fun times.

Not much happening here, spreading manure, and fixing fences. Joan and I plan to take the kids skiing next week, so that should provide some much needed fun.

Grant and luke say Hi to Taran

keep on cycling!
Dave LK

Anonymous said...

Hi Taran & Ian
We are having a blast reading your blog - and must say that we are living vicariously thru you both!
Instead of emailing you - we thought that writing on your blog would be fun. It is Easter weekend and it will not be the same without sharing a meal with you and your family this weekend - a first in a long time!. We are excited for each part of your journey and hope that you are savoring the ride.
It sounds like you have met lots of really nice people - couldn't happen to a better guy.
We will email soon - but Happy Easter - talk soon and stay safe.
Love the Bokrossy's

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to both of you!
Stay safe, and have fun!