Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lompoc (pronounced lawmpoke)

Something I forgot to mention yesterday...just as we arrived at Don and Lucy's house it started to rain!!! It rained very hard at times and the wind was fairly nasty. Thanks again to Don, Lucy and Willie for their incredible hospitality. Also, I got the very best sleep I have had this entire trip. Don rode with us for about 25 miles on our way to Lompoc this morning. It was nice to have a real person to talk to along the way (no offense Taran).

We've holed up at the Library waiting for our turn on the computer. I read the Wall Street Journal today and was bombarded with bad economic news. Sounds like things are not well in the financial world.

Even though I got my best sleep last night, I think I may have 'hit the wall' as far as this trip is concerned. At the moment, I am totally wiped and no longer look forward to exerting any physical energy. Might be getting a cold I guess. Perhaps we'll spend some time in Santa Barbara just hanging out.

Today and yesterday we spent a lot of time in the farmland (non-coastal) areas. We'll be heading back to the coast tomorrow and then probably arrive in Santa Barbara a couple days from now.

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Barbo said...

Hello Ian and Taran,
I just read your blog entries today and got caught up on your escapades. Other family members have been keeping me up-dated by phone, but I sat down and read them today. Wow! How exciting! I told Steve he needs to take off with Cameron... Keep up the good work. We're rooting for you.
Love from the Olson's