Friday, March 7, 2008

Half Moon Bay

Leaving the Hostel was uneventful. I sent Taran off by himself to go shopping at Safeway and go to the Post Office. I'm slowly letting go but I'm still anxious about his safety ALL THE TIME..

Taran rode his first subway (BART in SF) ride today. We took bikes and trailers onto the subway and rode to Daly City. We could have ridden our bikes but we thought this would be fun.

Taran and I rock. We were told the trip to half moon bay would be treacherous, hilly and take us a long time. There is a section of the highway called "Devils Slide" that we were erroneously told would take a couple of hours. It is a seven miles stretch that is basically up one side and down the other. We knocked it off in less than an hour. Since we now had some time on our hands we stopped into the library to access the internet.

The ride from Daly City to HMB was very scenic. The coast area with the beaches and huge cliffs were breathtaking. We saw a lot of surfers just north of HMB and may go and watch them tomorrow if we stay an extra day. HMB is a very quaint town that has been done up quite nicely. I wish I had taken some pictures!!! Maybe tomorrow.

Maybe Taran can do some homework tonight....

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