Monday, March 24, 2008

Sand and Surf

Following the Easter Egg Hunt and other activities yesterday the Cistaro clan took Taran and I to Topanga Beach. Anthony and I went jogging along the beach. He's training to become a lifeguard (the baywatch type) and needs to be able to "run in the sand". I mistakenly thought that after 1500 miles on a bike I would be in fairly good condition. Obviously I was wrong because after about a mile, I was ready to be done. Anthony went on to run another mile AND swim 1/2 a mile in the ocean.
Taran, Dominic and Bella had a great time playing in the surf. Taran and Bella lasted the longest as Dominic and I had to de-numbify our bodies! It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be, but it was still pretty cold.

Today Melissa took us to Hollywood to see Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Ripleys Believe it Not, Guiness Book of World Records Museum, and other sights along the way. It was very very hot, even for the locals! We then went to a place called Mashti Malones Ice Cream T his was an inauspicous Ice Cream store that is truly one of those hidden treasures. We were actually served by Mashti Malone. He has made himself famous by creating healthy and unique ice cream creations. Local Food chains now stock his product in their stores. He has had Canadian stores approach him for distribution rights. You may see his ice cream in a store near you!

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Anonymous said...

Hollywood! Very cool, guys.

Also, great to see the pictures - very helpful with the imagery.

Hard to believe it was so hot there, when it's snowing in Halifax right now!

Stay safe, Fireballs.