Saturday, March 15, 2008

Warm Showers Nipomo

Morro Bay turned out to be very cold and windy. The Campsite was right beside a golf course hidden in a grove of eucalyptus trees. Did you know that eucalyptus trees make a lot of noise when the wind blows? Well, I know that they do. Not only that but a bunch of people moved into the campsite next to ours at 1am in the morning. I did not get much sleep.

Well, once again Taran and I have been blessed with good luck. While we were in Cambria making plans, Phaedra informed us that it was likely going to rain and be very windy on Saturday. I quickly checked the Warm Showers website and made a few calls to see if we could find a place to stay during the storm. Well, as luck would have it I made contact with a fellow named Don who lived in Nipomo who was willing to take us in. Not only that but he rode his bike 20 miles to meet up with us to guide us back to his house. I believe each Warm Showers host provides different levels of support. As it turns out Don and Lucy (his charming spouse) have provided us with 5 star support. They treated us to a great dinner, their shower was very warm and had great pressure (something we do not find very often at State Parks), Don spent considerable time helping me plan the next leg of our trip, they let us use their laundry, they live in a Geodesic house that is really quite amazing AND Don owns some extremely cool cars... a completely restored 1969 Shelby Cobra Mustang with a 428 police interceptor engine, a 1968 Cobra Shelby that is slated for restoration, a 1946 Pontiac Woodie that he meticulously restored and uses on a regular basis and a few others. Taran even got some time to watch TV.

The ride to Don's house was bit on the hilly side and we did not take any breaks along the way. I think Taran and I have gotten used to stopping every now and then, because I was very tired when we arrived at Don's house.

Not sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow. We might head to another Warm Shower location or head to the next State Park. It kind of depends on the weather.


Anonymous said...

Warm Shawers Rule i know i suck at spelling but what ev. =P if you read this say hi to someone who has not.

Anonymous said...

The visit with Ian and Taran was very plesant and we enjoyed all of the stories they shared with. We wish them both good luck and good weather on their remaning trip.
Don & Lucy