Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Van Horn to Kent

The trip to Kent was marred by heavy cross winds and two flat tires. One of the flats was on the trailer and one was on Taran's bike. When we went to repair Taran's tube, we found that the valve stem was broken and therefore useless. We reached in to get a new one and promptly broke the stem on that one as well. We now do not have any tubes for Taran's bike and the next bike shop that has his tube size is 4 days away.... We're keeping our fingers crossed!

Kent turned out to be a one store town. Camping is allowed behind the store, with no washrooms, shower, water, picnic table...nothing. The water that was available came out of a tap in the store with a sign above it that said "non-potable water". The store clerk said it was well water and he drank it all the time. He also said we could use the abandoned house across the street from his house. (there are only 3 houses in the whole place). The house was in fairly good shape but did not have electricity or any furniture. The plumbing worked fine. There were only two problems with this place... It was 40 yards from a major train crossing and once it got dark, the mice came out to play. They made a lot of noise, but did not bother us directly.

It was not my favourite fact I think it was probably the worst.

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