Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tournillo to Sierra Blanca TX

It's approximately 65 miles from Tournillo to Sierra Blanca. We struggled in the wind, but finally arrived at about 5:30pm. The cycling map listed the "Town Camp" on Main Street as the place for us to pitch our tent. The "town camp" is located right beside the local high school with one picnic table and two fire pits. (not anywhere near Main Street) The bathrooms (no showers) were under construction and therefore not available for use. We followed a hose that was on the ground to see if there was going to be any water...luckily there was.

The site was grassy with good tree cover which was nice. We prepared dinner and just as we were finishing the groundkeeper showed up to water the grass. I talked to him about the bathrooms and after a bit of cajoling he agreed to leave the womens washroom open all night for us to use (it had one functional toilet). There was also a drain in the washroom so I took a spongebath in the washroom. Taran again did not wash.

At around 8pm, some kids showed up to play basketball (the court being right beside the camping area). I went to make a quick phone call and Taran ended up playing basketball with the kids. At around 9pm, extremely bright lights came on to light up the basketball court (and our tent). The lights went off around 10pm and the kids left shortly after that.

We were happy it was a Sunday morning because there wouldn't be a bunch of kids hanging around the schoolgrounds watching us pack up. ..

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