Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Arrey to Las Cruces NM

The trip from Arrey to Las Cruces was uneventful. We were heading into a lower elevation and flatter land so there were many more farms. The typical crops in the area are: Green Chile, onions, alfalfa, and Pecan trees.

We arrived in Las Cruces at 3:30pm. We had arranged to meet Kathleen at the warmshower host in Las Cruces (Matt) at 6pm (Matt wouldn't be there to receive us until then). We decided to head over to the local indoor swimming pool to have a shower. The staff at the pool were more than happy to let us use their showers. Although Las Cruces is billed as a tourist town, it was not bicycle friendly. We had to be careful during our ride to Matt's house.

Kathleen picked us up at 6pm as promised and took us to a very nice Italian Restaurant. They told us we could order whatever we wanted. They were so very kind. We had a terrific meal and Taran even got to take some of the pizza he ordered with him. Afterwards, on our way back to Matt's, Kathleen and Eric offered to take us to a local healthfood store to pick up some Quinoa and anything else we might need.

When we got back to Matt's place, we sat and chatted for a while before heading to bed (in separate bedrooms!!). Matt is a graduate student in Geology. He is also an avid cyclist competing in Team events. His fiance was actually out on a stage race out near Kingston and Hillsboro.

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