Tuesday, May 6, 2008

El Paso to Tournillo TX

Following the downhill run out of El Paso, we thought we were a lot closer to the road we were to take East. Unfortunately we had read the map incorrectly and learned that we had an additional 10 miles to go...more than what we bargained for! We again experienced a cross wind and struggled to make good time.

We arrived at "Hidden Lakes" Campground at 5pm and were sorely disappointed with the situation. There were no showers, no potable water and the campsites were mostly sand. You could however purchase water from the 'office'. The Lakes turned out to be tiny manmade "fishing" holes, no swimming allowed. Also, when we drove up a fellow came out to meet us and said "that will be 8 dollars per vehicle". I suggested to him that this seemed a bit odd. I begrudgingly paid the 16 dollars.

The camp was dusty and noisy. I struggled to have a spongebath...Taran chose not to wash. We had purchased some ground beef at a store prior to our arrival, so our spaghetti was very good that night. The next morning the campstove would not work so we could not make any oatmeal. We ate apples, oranges and granola bars for breakfast and got out of there as fast as possible. The wind was unfortunately against us which made it very difficult!

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