Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kingston to Arrey NM

We knew that it would not take long to get to Arrey (35 miles) so we did not rush to leave the Lodge. We slowly got all of our stuff together and prepared our bikes for travel. When I went to negotiate what I should pay, Catherine quoted me the original discount price that she quoted me the day I walked in - basically one night's fee for 7 nights. We didn't work THAT much so I quoted a price that I thought was more reasonable...She wouldn't take my money!! We settled on a number that will suffice for now, but I intend to make equitable in a different way!!
The Mitguards were also leaving Tuesday morning, before us, so we got to see them off. They gave Taran and I one of their CD's. It was very special moment. I sure hope to see or hear from them...
It must be a New Mexico tradition or something, but Catherine gave me a T-shirt (she gave Taran one the day we arrived), Pete gave me a light that you attach to your baseball hat and he gave Taran a disc and Tom gave each of us a pair of socks. We didn't have anything to give in return but our thanks and our promise to stay in touch.

Kingston to Arrey

The weirdest thing happened on the way to Arrey. We had originally planned and told Catherine that we would be staying at the Percha Dam State Park but halfway to Arrey we decided to call the other camping location (an RV park) listed on the map. They quoted us 7 dollars per night AND they had a REC room where we could hang out. There was no number for the State Park. We decided to go to the RV park directly. When we got close to Arrey there was another park called Caballo State Park and I wanted to find out how much they would charge (I was quite certain they would know how much the Percha Dam State Park would be). As we pulled into the office, the window opened up and a fellow stuck his head out and said "you wouldn't be from Canada would you?". I was very surprised and responded "As a matter of fact, yes, we're from Canada. How did you know". He said "we have a message for you" and proceeded to hand me a sticky note. It was from Kathleen and Eric, the couple we met in Kingston who gave us Rootbeer. The note said "we want to take you out to dinner when you get to Las Cruces". Well, that was a pretty cool message!! The State Park turned out to be 10 dollars so we decided to ride on to the RV Park.

When we arrived at the RV Park, we rode up to the office and were greeted by Dick and Rick, a father son team who were seated at a table. Dick invited us to take a load off and sit down with them. We were then treated to a 2 hour 'chatting session' with Dick. He is a 73 year old fellow with lots of stories. He used to be in construction

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