Friday, May 9, 2008

Fort Davis to Marathon to Sanderson

As it turns out, Fort Davis is the highest 'town' in all of texas at an elevation of 5200 feet. I guess it's all downhill from here?? (not quite by a long shot!). The RV park was fairly cheesy but they did give us some camp stove fuel and bleach (to clean the water bottles) which was nice.

In the middle of the night, I thought I heard raccoons so I got up to rearrange the food bags so they would be a little less accessible by nocturnal creatures. Other than that, we both got a fairly good nights sleep.


The trip from Fort Davis to Marathon went really quickly. It was a gentle downhill grade most of the way and we made very good time...almost 15 miles per hour for the whole 60 miles trip. We went to the Library when we arrived and I quickly researched airline tickets for our ride home. We've decided that Houston (actually Katy Texas) is our final destination. My brother, Alan lives in Katy and he has graciously agreed to host us for a few days. After that, it's homeward bound!

We picked up some burritos at the only store in town and headed to the RV Park for the night. We heated up the burritos in the Microwave, put in some laundry and watched a movie on the 'outdoor' TV that they had beside the washrooms/laundry. That was a real treat.

When we went back to our campsite, we were unsure where to put our tent. They had these raised 'beds' that contained hard clay/dirt that looked like they could be for tents, but we weren't sure. When we asked at the front desk, we were informed that they were indeed for tents. We were warned that if it rained, it would all turn to mud! Rain was not really an issue, but the dirt/clay was so hard and the lumps so big that we decided to set up our tent elsewhere. Other than the occasional train that would blow it's horn when it went by, we both had a good nights sleep.

Marathon had a very cool Hotel in the middle of town. It was mostly a tourist town and it was very neatly laid out.


The first part of the trip was quasi uphill, but the second half turned out to be a gentle grade downhill. There was a bit of a cross wind, but not much. We arrived in Sanderson after a very quick 55 miles at around 2:30pm and headed straight for the Library.

Well, it's quinoa and spaghetti tonight with raw carrots and bananas. I think we may splurge on some chocolate milk....

Taran is absolutely sick of peanut butter and jam sandwiches. I didn't think it possible, but it's true. We need to find something else that travels well in high heat that he will eat. Any suggestions???

We're off to Langtry tomorrow, the town that Judge Roy Bean is famous for...

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