Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday night phone call

Well, the latest word is that Taran and Ian are well and safe and are in Olympia. They got in around 4pm today (after leaving camp around 11:30am) so they are doing very well with the distances that Ian set out for them.
Taran is getting stronger and where he used to walk up all the hills, he is now beating Ian up them! (Ian is pulling the trailer though.)
They are very happy with their accomodations for the night - they are staying at a hostel with everything they could possibly need. They have access to a computer so there is some hope for an update from them tomorrow morning - and maybe more photos too!
Their bus leaves for Redding at 9:15pm tomorrow so they have the whole day to organize themselves and pack up the bikes for transit.
They have met some nice people along the way and seem very 'up' and ready to begin the next (warmer) stage of the trip.

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