Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Haven't got much time. We're currently at the Brinnon Community Center using their computer, their printer and taking books from their library (with their permission of course). Our tent was covered in frost this morning and a pan full of water was frozen. It was cold last night. We're hoping to make it to Potlatch State Park later this afternoon. Things are going well. Yes, our butts hurt. We're eating a ton of food. Traffic has been fairly light. The shoulders have been very wide for the most part. A few narrow places. Taran wiped out once trying to give more room to a car. He lived.

Gotta go cause it gonna rain soon and we want to stay out of it if possible.

PS. It's a very rural area...no laundromats anywhere. ... Our riding clothes give off odours that may not be pleasant to all.


Ian and Taran

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Richard said...

Hello Fireball(s)
Just read your latest entry and my eyes popped at "bought Taran a new (used) bike" Ummmm, what became of Pennys'? Hope it is somewhere where we can retrieve it later.

Thats all

take care