Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday in Red Bluff

The boys are in Red Bluff tonight at the Motel 6. They had a fairly uneventful day of riding in the rain although they did have their first flat tire. Apparently it's not much fun to change a tube in the cold and the rain - their fingers were freezing! It seemed prudent to lay out the extra cash for a dry night and a chance to dry out their clothes and the tent. They both agree that riding in the rain sucks! It looks like they're going to get one more day of it though so the current plan involves the Motel 6 in Chico for tomorrow. It will be more of a distance than they've done so far but they won't be dealing with the take down or set up of a tent in the rain.
They are still very much enjoying themselves aside from the rain and they have had very positive experiences thus far. Everyone they have met has been extremely helpful and sooo friendly. Hopefully they'll get some computer access one of these days - in Sacramento if not before.

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