Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday in Nicolaus

There has been very little detail coming from the boys for the last few days as the places they have been staying have been telephone challenged.
In the brief conversations we've had the focus has mainly been on how best to get them on the route they need to be on - and where should they stay. Since most 'camping' places in California welcome only RV's this has been a bit of an issue. Last night (Tuesday) they stayed at a small state park in Colusa. They were the only campers there!
Tonight they are staying at one of those vacation membership type of places. When I called to enquire about whether they took tents the man told me that it was a members only campground but he took pity on my boys when I told him I was calling from Canada trying to find somewhere in the area for my husband and son to pitch their tent and he told me some magic words for them to use when they checked in. They were good magic words - they worked!
The weather is definately getting warmer and Ian has indicated that he will likely divest himself of some of the gear at Shawn's house and hope that Dad will be willing to transport it home for him.
In theory they will have access to some real technology tomorrow and will place some phone calls and update this blog themselves. (Let's hope so since I'm heading to Vancouver for a conference and won't have any access to it myself!)

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