Sunday, April 20, 2008

Safford to Three Way to Buckhorn to Silver City

It's late so I need to be brief here... Safford to Three Way was fairly short (38 miles) and Taran struggled a bit due to his illness. three way is just a junction of three highways that converge. Very few services... We camped on Ranger Station lawn. It was free, but had no showers. In fact, it didn't have a washroom after 4:30pm. the next morning a fellow let us in to use the washrooms.

The ride to Buckhorn was very very hilly. We climbed 3000 feet in 5 miles. Very lovely scenic views but quite difficult. Taran was still not feeling 100 percent and I give him tremendous credit for how he persevered. It was 50 miles to Buckhorn and luckily the last 10 miles were downhill. We crossed into New Mexico midway between Three Way and Buckhorn. In Buckhorn, we met a fellow cyclist from San Diego who was on a 2 week jaunt around the territory. He was nice but did not seem interested in chatting. While at the RV park we were staying at, they held a "hoe down" in the "shop". the local band got together and played primarily country music until 9:30. It was very entertaining.

WE got off to a slow start in BUckhorn cause we knew it was going to be a short day (35 miles). I think Taran has fully recovered because he took off like a shot, jumping ahead of me which is fairly rate. He kept up a pace of about 18 miles an hour for a good hour. The terrain was rolling hills but the last little bit was all uphill.

More to tell...ask about Mule Creek Post Office.. Eating chicken in Walmart....and the warmshower host in Silver City and the chocolate chip cookies we're supposed to get tomorrow in Hanover. Gotta get some sleep

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