Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On Hold in Kingston NM

The latest word from the boys is that they are staying on for an extra couple of days in Kingston NM. They have found a couple of kindred spirits in Catherine and Pete at The Black Range Lodge.
I'm sure they will get on and update as soon as they can find the time. (Likely sometime between driving a backhoe (Taran) and applying clay to a concrete water tower (Ian).)
They are both sounding excited and happy although Taran is definately looking forward to getting to Texas. He said he wants to finish what he started but he is definately ready to come home.


Anonymous said...

will the boys be biking home or flying home? -Kyla

Kathleen Fasanella said...

This is Kathleen, with Eric, room 4 at the Black Range Lodge.

Awesome place. Met Ian and Taran tonight. Charming both. I'll post a link to photos later if you want them. The connection here is really slow but I'm very glad to have one. Our cell phones don't work here; can't say that bothers me much.

Looking forward to learning more about the boys adventure tomorrow and very nice to meet you ma'am.