Thursday, April 17, 2008

Globe to Thatcher

We got off to an early start from our warmshower host in Globe. Unfortunately, there was a very strong headwind...somewhere between 15 and 20 miles an hour. Riding into the wind sucks! The first part of the route was very hilly (not mountainous) so it made going somewhat difficult. On a bright note, we met up with Stacy and Konrad, the couple that we met in Palo Verde. We cycled with them for quite a ways before Taran got another flat and we had to stop. We caught up with them later when they had stopped for lunch. We rode on and made it to Thatcher first and set up camp. They rode in a little later and we had a good chat with them before going to bed. Taran really liked them. They are both starting their residencies at a hospital in Rochester Minnesota.

Later that night, Taran started throwing up. I think he either got a bug or heat exhaustion. He threw up 3 or 4 times during the night and was not feeling well the next morning. He was very tired the next day and was running a fever. He slept most of the day (part of the time in the campground laundry room because it was the coolest place around). I read a book called "The Kite Runner" which was a very sad but well written book. That evening he was feeling better and actually had something to eat. Unfortunately, it did not stay down. The next morning we went and got a room at a local motel. He slowly ate food, drank gatorade and watched TV for the most of the day. I worked on the bikes and went shopping.

The next was still not feeling 100% so we decided to stay one more day in the motel. I doubt it was entirely necessary, but the next couple of campsites we are going to are very primitive so it's probably best that he be in good health.

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Ben Shideler said...

It seems that you guys get a lot of flat tires. What is causing your flats? punctures or spokes? I had tire liners in my old bike and they worked like a charm.