Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Quartzsite to Harcuvar to Wickenburg

We've found a new favourite restaurant...Carl Jr.s. We both had a burger for the first time in quite a while. Eating Quinoa and Spaghetti all the time game us a craving for burgers. After dinner we went to the RV Park (one of probably 20 in the town) campsite. It turned out to be all rock and no grass or "soft spots". We spent half an hour digging ourselves a comfortable spot. Luckily it only cost 3.50 dollars. The showers were great and it had a kitchen that we used to cook breakfast.

The next morning we had planned to go to Wickenburg (90 miles) to a couch surfer location. However, the couch surfer location did not pan out and we had a couple of flats on the trailer wheel. We decided to hang out in Quartzsite doing laundary and reading our books before heading to Harcuvar (35 miles) for the night. The RV Park in Harcuvar was satisfactory, but it cost 10 bucks and was quite windy. We were able to swap a couple of books in their library though. While we were finishing dinner, a elderly lady came out of her RV and yelled Help, would you please help. Taran and I went over to see what the problem was and found out her husband had fallen down and couldn't get up. We helped him up and reset his chair in place. The women had a big gash on her arm that I suspect she got when he went tumbling over. They declined any further assistance. I sure hope they are okay.

We're currently in Aquila which is about 30 miles from Wickenburg. This library was not on our map but Eagle Eye Taran caught it very quickly. He can spot them a mile or two away.

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